I am currently the primary PhD Supervisor for:

Andrzej Hagger, 4th year PhD Student. (Thesis Topic: Slurs, pejoratives.)

Deborah Marber, 2nd year PhD Student. (Thesis Topics: Belief Control, Nature and Role of Imagination.)

Marvin Backes, 2nd year PhD Student. (Thesis Topics: Justification and Probability, Nature of Justification.)

Mirela Fuš, September 2017-June 2018, St-Andrews/Oslo Joint-Badge PhD Programme. (Thesis Topic: Conceptual Engineering and Social Kinds.)

I was the primary PhD supervisor for:

Mona Simionescu, Postdoctoral Fellow, ConceptLab, University of Oslo. From September 2017: University of Cardiff. (Thesis Topic: Knowledge Norm of Assertion/Belief.)

Fenner Tanswell, Postdoctoral Fellow, Computer Science, Oxford University. (Thesis Title: Proof, Rigour, and Informality: A Virtue Account of Mathematical Knowledge.)

Mark Bowker, Postdoctoral Fellow, Munich Centre For Mathematical Philosophy (Thesis Topic: Undeterdetermination of what is said.)

Ian Church, Research Fellow at Eidyn, University of Edinburgh, from July 2015. (Thesis Title: Virtue Epistemology and the Analysis of Knowledge, 2012.)

Federico Luzzi, Department of Philosophy, University of Aberdeen, 2006-2008. (Thesis Title: Counter-Closure.)

Douglas Edwards, Department of Philosophy, Hamilton College, 2014 – Present. (Thesis Title: Truth and Goodness: A Minimalist Study, 2008.)

Dirk Kindermann, Assistant Professor at the University of Graz, 2012 – Present. (Thesis Title: Perspective in Context: Relative Truth, Knowledge, and the First Person, 2012.)

Walter Pedriali, Leverhulme Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Stirling, 2012-2015, and now Teaching Fellow at the University of St Andrews. (Thesis Title: The Routes of Sense, 2012.)

I have also recently supervised two visiting students:

Laura Molenaar, University of Amsterdam, Semester One 2016-17. (Topic One: Radical Contextualism. Topic Two: Reference Magnets.)

Claudia Picazo, University of Barcelona, Semester Two 2015-16. (Topic: Radical Contextualism.)

I am very happy to supervise most topics within epistemology, the philosophy of logic, and the philosophy of language. Please get in touch if you are interested in being supervised by me — full-time, part-time, or as a visiting PhD or Masters-level student.