In 2015-18, Patrick organised/is organising the following workshops and conferences:

Epistemic Incoherence, Workshop, Arché, St Andrews, December 2015.

Philosophical Progress, (with Herman Cappelen and Bjørn Ramberg), Workshop, Arché/CSMN, Oslo, January 2016.

Flash Epistemology, Workshop, Arché, St Andrews, May 2016.

Testimony and Context, (with Andrew Peet), Workshop, Arché, St Andrews, May 2016.

Sensing Strange Things, Workshop, Arché, St Andrews, June 2016.

The Metaphysics of Knowledge: Epistemic Indexing, Workshop, Arché, St Andrews, September 2016.

Flash ConceptLab, Workshop, ConceptLab, Univerity of Oslo, May 19th 2017.

The Metaphysics of Knowledge II, Workshop, Arché, St Andrews, December 2nd-3rd 2017.

I hope to organise a ConceptLab Flash Workshop in Zermatt 19-20th February 2018.

JoshParsonsFest, Memorial Conference celebrating the life and work of Josh Parsons, Arché, St Andrews, 21st-23rd or 22nd-24th June, 2018. (This includes a Flash Workshop.)

I might be running a workshop/conference on Infeffability sometime in 2018-19. It depends …


I also organised (with Michael Lynch) the Truth and Realism Conference at St Andrews, 2004: