Patrick Greenough | Philosophy | University of St Andrews

I am Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews, and Associate Fellow of Arché.

I received my PhD from St Andrews in 2002. Before that I taught at the University of Bristol 2000-2. For 2003-4, I was an Arché Research Fellow in the AHRC project on Vagueness: Its Nature and Logic. In 2007-8, I was a Research Fellow in the ARC Epistemic Warrant project at The School of Philosophy, RSSS, ANU. From 2009-11, I was a half-time Research Fellow at the Centre for Time, University of Sydney. I was a network member for the Eurpean Philosophy Network on Perspectival Thoughts and Facts (PETAF), 2010-13. I was also the UConn Distinguished Visiting Professor for 2010.

I was the co-investigator (with Crispin Wright) for the Leverhulme Relativism and Rational Tolerance project based at the University of Aberdeen, 2012-15. Additionally, I am a member of the LOGOS research project Fallibility, Rational Belief, and Knowledge, hosted by the University of Barcelona, 2014-16. I am also the PhilPapers editor for Truth.

My main research interests are in epistemology, the philosophy of logic, and the philosophy of language. I have a particular interest in vagueness, the liar paradox, indeterminacy, scepticism, contextualism, relativism, minimalism, realism, truth, self-knowledge, basic knowledge, discrimination, fallibilism, closure, second-order knowledge, externalism, assertion, belief, the nature of time, and the open future.

I am organising the following workshops for 2015-16:

Epistemic Incoherence Workshop, Arché, St Andrews, December 2015.

Philosophical Progress Workshop, (with Herman Cappelen), Arché/CSMN, Oslo, January 2016.

Testimony and Context, (with Andrew Peet), Arché, St Andrews, May 2016.

Sensing Strange Things, Arché, St Andrews, June 2016.

Finally, I am completing a book on scepticism: KNOWLEDGE: IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH.